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Glass work is our specialty in Seattle, WA

Custom glass cut and prepared by true craftspeople can add an incredible touch to any piece. If you need a new glass table top or shower enclosure, turn to the experts at Instaglass in Seattle, WA. Our custom glass services cover complex projects for antiques, large projects for commercial windows and so much more.

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Creating custom pieces for your home

Would you like an extra special touch for your entryway? Do you need a new glass table top? Our team of experienced craftspeople can help you. We create custom:

We also fabricate custom shower enclosures in a variety of styles. Whether you need a custom piece of glass for antique furniture, or you’d like to design a new front door, we’re ready to help. Call 206-773-6868 today for custom glass services.

The Instaglass advantage

Custom glass work is an intense job when done correctly. Without a dedicated team handling your project, you may end up with work you're not happy with. By choosing our experts, you're ensuring you'll work with a team that's:


we treat every home and business like it's ours


we have nearly a decade of experience in glass work


we never leave a job until it's complete in the customer's eyes

Customer Focused

Faith-Based and God Empowered

Believe in Honesty and Integrity

Driven to Exceptional Practices in Glass

Employee Motivated