Insta glass is the finest local glass company that provides plate glass, glass partition walls, and interior glass systems.

Our decades of experience and skill in glass entryways are unrivaled among the competitors.

We Offer the Following Products:

  • Single Glass Doors and Panes
  • Office Dividers and Partition Walls
  • Complete Office Fit-Outs
  • Renovations and Retrofit
  • Existing System Repair & Service
  • Exterior Door Entrance Systems
  • Interior Entrance Systems

Insta Glass understands that modern businesses and buildings require a cutting-edge style, feel, and aesthetic for a seamless, open, and contemporary design with a modern vibe. All-glass systems are preferred when a high-end luxurious look is required or the office's environment and feel are improved. Sleek hardware, full glass, and rich metal finishes provide new construction, fit-outs, and renovations with a more modern and futuristic aesthetic.

We can create and build a functional and stylish project for your office or home using our decades of experience in all-glass walls, entrance systems, and internal glass barriers. Our applications include conference rooms, office dividers, interior and external office walls, office entrances, lounges, office and hotel lobbies, restaurants, modern residences, exhibitions, and more. Our knowledgeable staff can manage any job with ease, and our installation team can meet the needs of any glass project of our clients. Lansdale and Telford are just two of the areas we service.