Quality Guarantee - Insta Glass's family name has served as a guarantee of quality for over three generations - we are a company that other families and companies have relied on for getting the best car glass components and trustworthy services.

Insta Glass has been providing its services to southeastern Pennsylvania since 1961. We are happy to hire some of the most excellent car glass experts in the industry, with a total combined experience and expertise of over 100 years. Every task we do and every service we provide bears our name and reputation for quality.

Lifetime Warranty - Insta Glass will guarantee all the windshield repairs and replacements on passenger vehicles against faults in materials and workmanship provided by us for as long as you own your car. We also have nationwide warranty coverage through our affiliations with the IGA (Independent Glass Association). Backed by our widely accessible network of 5 retail locations and our long-standing reputation, Insta Glass proudly offers you the greatest warranty in the industry.

If there is any problem with your auto glass transaction, our team will handle it personally and immediately, regardless of your insurance payment status. The warranty is related to you as our customer, not the insurance company. At Insta Glass, we believe that trust is the foundation of our company's reputation. Therefore, we are the people who should be on your first call. We can assist you with all your questions!! Call +1 206 773 6868 or any of our other locations today.


Glass Replacement - At Insta Glass, the fixed glass installations (like windshields) on passenger vehicles are assured for as long as the original customer owns the vehicle against any water leakage and stress cracks caused by poor installation, except for damage caused by vehicle collisions or metal panel deterioration (rust). Our one-year warranty covers all the other inoperable or fixed vehicle glass pieces against workmanship defects. In addition, all installed operable or moveable glass pieces are covered by a 30-day warranty against part/mechanical failure. Insta Glass will offer you free servicing and replacement parts during the applicable warranty period to resolve any warranty issue.

Windshield Repairs - Repairing a windshield guarantees the vehicle's lifespan, or as long as the original paying client owns it. However, suppose a windshield break continues to fracture after a successful repair. In that case, the cost of the repair, plus any other applicable deductible, will be applied to a new windshield installation at Insta Glass.
However, note that the lifetime warranty does not cover PA state inspection pass/fail or a customer's perception of the repaired break's visual clarity. Customers should know that the break may still be visible even after a successful repair. It's also worth noting that the windshield may crack again during the repair. In the event of breakage during any repair work, Insta Glass will not be held accountable, nor will a service charge be assessed, although a replacement windshield may be provided at a reduced cost.
In an unsuccessful windshield repair, the client is responsible for any extra or applicable deductibles for the windshield replacement.

RV Glass Replacement - For one year from the original service date, Insta Glass will warranty the adhesive placed on the fixed glass installations on RVs, mobile homes, and other motor coaches for all workmanship faults such as stress cracks, leakage, and so on. Any fixed glass installations with gaskets will be warranted for 90 days. A 30-day warranty covers Parts made of tempered glass or that move. If applicable, All parts other than glass are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Insta Glass offers no warranty on re-used or re-applied parts to the customer's vehicle throughout the glass replacement process. Additionally, in case of any damage caused by the body flex, frame twist, poor leveling, or instability of the coach, Insta Glass will not repair the glass.

Headlight Restoration - Insta Glass offers customers a one-year craftsmanship warranty on all auto headlight restoration treatments, including headlight lens damage or headlight yellowing due to everyday driving and other weather conditions. It is not insured for any other deterioration or faults caused by incorrect cleaning, automatic car washes, abrasion, etc. Insta Glass always recommends the 'touchless car washes for both the headlamp lenses and glass.' The warranty covers any additional repair services at no cost under the remaining original warranty period.

Additional Exclusions/Limitations:
The aforementioned warranty covers only workmanship concerns, such as windshield leaking, molding adherence, and installation-related issues like stress cracks. The warranty does not cover breaking the glass due to factors other than the incorrect windshield installation, like improper use, impact with a stone, or abuse. The aforementioned warranty also does not cover the breakage or other leaks caused by rust, car collisions, pre-existing issues/damage to the vehicle, or bad vehicle design.

The warranty covers only the direct services and works done by us (Insta Glass); it does not cover any unrelated vehicle faults, other parts, or any previous or prevailing conditions. After the previous servicing by Insta Glass, any other glass-related services or works performed by another provider on the same vehicle or part of the vehicle will void the lifetime guarantee. Therefore, the Insta Glass warranty will be regarded as expired and worthless. After a service or warranty-related occurrence, the warranty must be claimed directly to Insta Glass within a reasonable time interval. It will be corrected as per the warranty provisions mentioned hereof.

Any other issues with the Insta Glass auto glass warranties will be repaired and taken care of at any company's facilities/locations. Any concerns that cannot be resolved directly by Insta Glass's corporate facility (i.e., a necessity for a third-party vendor) must first be approved in writing by an Insta Glass representative. Without obtaining prior authorization, all third-party invoices will not be paid. All third-party warranty claims must also include proof of loss and other realistic and reasonable proof of the cause. Our lifetime warranty is restricted solely to the original product's purchase price.

Insta Glass directly backs and writes the warranty. Insta Glass, Lynx Services, PPG, and all its partners are not responsible for any consequential or other incidental losses.

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