If you want to save your furniture from the wear and tear and elements, then Insta Glass's glass top is the perfect solution for you.

Today, furniture is getting more expensive, while restored antique furniture has become priceless and cannot be replaced. Using over 50 years of industry experience and after producing the finest glass products and designs available in the market today, we can say that Insta Glass creates a standard for the town’s glass industry. We have custom glass tops to fit all your furniture glass top needs.

  • Glass Desk Tops
  • Conference Table Glass Tops
  • Dining Table Glass Tops
  • Acrylic Table Tops
  • Bar Protection and Tops
  • Antique Mirror
  • Furniture Glass Repair & Replacement
  • Antique and Restoration Glass
  • Glass Table Tops
  • Counter Tops and Raised Glass Bars
  • Bent Glass for Hutches and Antiques
  • Custom Glass Shapes and Sizes
  • Beveled and Custom Edge Options Available
  • Unusual and Rare Glass Patterns

If you want to avail our services, bring your template to any of our showroom locations or have our residential estimator field measure and install; the choice is yours. From kitchen countertops, glass shelving, custom bar tops, and much more, everything glass furniture-related is available at Insta Glass in various designs and combinations. Contact our residential department at +1 206 773 6868 to make an appointment or know more about our product or services pricing and information.