Make Sure Your Furniture Glass Is a Perfect Fit

Hire our experts to make your custom glass in Seattle, WA

Finding the right piece of glass to fit an old antique table or custom bar isn't an easy task. In many cases, this type of furniture glass must be custom-made. Luckily, Instaglass in Seattle, WA creates custom glass pieces for our customers. From standard table tops to antique pieces with unusual or rare patterns, our experts know how to create them all. Our creative touch helps us make gorgeous furniture glass pieces that enhance the piece they're for.

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What kind of pieces do we create?

If you have furniture that needs a new glass top, we’re here for all of your custom glass needs. Our professionals make:

  • Acrylic tops and bar tops
  • New glass for antique mirrors
  • Replacement glass for furniture
  • Glass countertops and raised bars
  • Bent glass for hutches and antique pieces
  • Beveled or custom-edged glass for various uses
  • Glass desk, dining table and conference table tops

With a custom glass piece that’s fitted to your furniture, you’ll have an amazing and complete piece for your home. Discuss your glass project with one of our experts today.