Use these rules and guidelines to keep your mirror and glass clean and usable for a long time:

  • Clean and warm water is usually the best cleaner for glass and mirrors. Use a soft, clean cloth to apply it.
  • Ensure the mirror's edges aren't wet for long periods.
  • Do not use alkali or acidic cleansers during installing metals, glass, and mirrors.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners, powders, or cleaning devices like steel wool on glass or mirrors.
  • For aggressive cleaning of glass or mirrors, use commercial glass cleaners without ammonia or vinegar.
  • When cleaning glass or mirrors, avoid using newspaper or any other towel or cloth with pollutants or lint.
  • Cleaners should not be sprayed directly on glass or mirrors. Instead, spray them on a soft cloth or towel with the cleaner and clean the glass or mirrors.
  • When cleaning your glass or mirrors, always use a soft, clean, and grit-free cloth to avoid scratching and abrasions.
  • Ensure your glass or mirror product is dry to minimize prolonged contact with cleaners and solvents. To minimize deterioration, keep cleaners away from the mirror's back.

Ensure proper mirror ventilation to avoid any moisture buildup and reduce the danger of corrosion or damage to your glass or mirror.
To extend the life of your glass or mirrors, follow these simple recommendations and guidelines, and they will provide you with many years of successful use.