How to Handle an Auto Glass Insurance Claim
Step 1: Contact Insta Glass to schedule an appointment by calling +1 206 773 6868 or visiting one of our five store locations. We can assist you with your insurance claim. Send us an email at any time of day or night, seven days a week, and we'll respond as soon as we can. Your appointment time will be validated and reserved just for you, even if your claim is still being processed.

Step 2: Call the numbers listed below to report the claim details to your insurance company. You should be aware that you speak with a third-party network rather than the insurance company directly; they should tell you this right away. Have your policy number, date of occurrence, and vehicle details handy when you call.

Step 3: Inform the network representative that you have an appointment with Insta Glass and that Insta Glass is your preferred shop. They will provide all relevant data to our system directly. We are a recommended vendor and are accepted by all insurance carriers and networks. According to Seattle law, the customer (that's you!) has the right to choose who replaces their glass. Don't be pushed to go to an out-of-state store or utilize a faceless national provider.

Step 4: This is the simplest of the steps! You can have your glass replaced at one of our locations, a mechanic's garage of your choosing, or at your home or place of business. We want to make it as convenient and straightforward as possible. The customer will be responsible for a full signature and the deductible amount (payable to 'Insta Glass' if by check) at the time of service. After that, we'll take care of any further paperwork!

That's all there is to it. There are only four simple steps to follow.
Call Insta Glass today, and we'll 'Give you a Break!!'

Other helpful ideas are as follows:

- If you do not select Insta Glass directly, the insurance network will assign you to an installer at random, potentially from another state.
- Due to fraud and privacy concerns, Insta Glass cannot call in your claim on your behalf. Your insurance agent should provide this service if you require it.
- By law, every insurance company must assist you in finding your preferred repair business. Unfortunately, many people have ties to their installers and steer jobs. This is referred to as insurance steering, and it is illegal.
- It's not uncommon for an auto glass company to refund a portion of your deductible (and illegal in some regions). They have a contract with the insurance company to collect the money, and in some cases, they may be defrauding the insurer by overbilling for services. You must avoid the buyer at all costs.
- If you're experiencing problems making an insurance claim, your insurance agent can help. They can assist you in quickly processing and resolving your requests.
- Always remember that you have a choice as a consumer.

Insurance Companies' Consumer Contact Information
If at all possible, avoid steering-request Insta Glass.

As of December 2015, this information is accurate. Please get in touch with us if your insurance company is not listed, and we will assist you with your claim.