Security Boss MaxSeal Pet Doors | Authorized Dealer

Security Boss Manufacturing, LLC is one of the best and the industry-standard in high-performance pet doors. The MaxSeal line comes in a range of options and types, from specialty models for French doors and In-the-Glass doors to installation into doors and walls. These doors have a limited lifetime warranty and are engineered to offer optimum performance, making them maintenance-free. When it comes to providing the same level of insulating seal and security, there is no other pet door than Security Boss MaxSeal Pet Doors that does the same job.

MaxSeal In-the-Glass pet doors were specifically created with a low-profile exterior to allow your sliding door to glide through your pet door once they are installed. These doors transpire to stay in a way that they can be kept in a high-performance state perpetually. If you decide to relocate, you can easily have your glass technician reinstall the original glass panel to reverse the installation of our pet door through the glass.

The Security Boss Pet Screen Doors are one of the best and excellent companion products for In-the-Glass Door Installs because they allow their customers to offer access for their pet in any weather or season of the year. These screen pet doors come with a durable and scratch-resistant pet screen and a sturdy metal frame that can be easily maintained endlessly.

MaxSeal Pet Doors, "Immeasurable by Design"