Insurance Steering That Isn't Legal - Know everything there is to know about insurance steering that isn't legal. Know Your Rights.

What is Insurance Steering?
When you call +1 206 773 6868 for glass replacement, you're probably talking to a "billing network," not your insurance company. This is known as insurance steering,' and it is a severe problem for customers when these networks assign work without giving the customer their options or sending them to their preferred shop. Keep in mind that you always have a choice!

You may be told that Insta Glass is not an "authorized store" and that our work "may not be fully guaranteed." However, this isn't the case. To delay the process, call center operators may act as if they have never heard of Insta Glass, or they may ask unrelated questions to divert the customer's attention and wear down your patience.

These claims are false, dishonest, deceptive, and unfair to the customers.

Insta Glass provides a lifetime guarantee on all work, is a preferred member of all insurance networks voluntarily, and adheres to all insurance company procedures and pricing as outlined in the contract. So, there's no reason why Insta Glass can't handle the work of any insurance firm.

Why make a decision? Knowledge is a simple way to defend your rights.
Networks "steer" work to their own companies for their benefit, not the benefit of the consumer, and take away the consumer's legal right to choose.

When reporting your claim to your insurance representative, ask for Insta Glass by name - they are legally unable to refuse. It's that easy!!

Do not endanger the safety and structural integrity of your car. If you phone any of our locations or our headquarters office at +1 206 773 6868, we will personally resolve any questions, concerns, or steering issues. We can help you - Give Insta Glass a call right now!!