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Invest in a window installation in Seattle, WA

New windows will increase your property value while preventing drafts and other annoying issues. Instaglass in Seattle, WA handles residential and commercial window installation, repair and replacement work. Our windows come in a variety of styles and configurations, and we can create custom windows as needed. Additionally, we have vinyl, composite and wooden options available.

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Our window installation services

No matter what kind of windows you need for your property, you can count on our team. We offer window installation services for:

  • Garden windows
  • Basement windows
  • Vinyl sliding windows
  • Decorative glass windows
  • Large commercial windows

Whether you need residential or commercial window installation services, we’ll install new windows that suit your property. Your windows can even include details like integrated blinds, wooden grids to dress up windows and more. Email us now for window installation services.


Windows are one of the most essential and often ignored parts of a house. Often, the less essential things and items get replaced while trusty old windows remain. This can hurt your home and property’s value and appearance, not just to us but to others as well. However, it hurts the house’s energy efficiency the most. Windows and doors could be the chink in your home’s energy armor, but they don’t have to be if you are careful! So, if you are looking for glass window repair or replacement for your house, you can turn to Insta Glass to get the most efficient and reliable window service in town.

At Insta Glass, we have a wide range of New and Replacement window options that will convert your house’s energy loss problem into gain. You can install our glass window products directly or supply them through your contractor; you will find our windows at the most affordable and reasonable prices. Our home window selection includes:

  • Basement Windows
  • Vinyl Slider Windows
  • Decorative Glass
  • Garden Windows
  • Grids Between Glass
  • Top Quality Mfg. Style and Design Available
  • Integrated Blind Systems Available
  • Custom Sizes and Applications
  • Vinyl, Composite, and Wood Styles
  • Available Installed or Wholesale/Retail at our Store Locations


Whether you want the maintenance-free look and function of a vinyl window system or you prefer the custom look and adaptability of aluminum/wood, Insta Glass has a window solution custom-made for you. Our wood/aluminum and vinyl windows come in a wide range of shapes, colors, sizes, and options to choose from. You can also contact us and ask for a particular order to fit any of your window needs.

Our veteran company technicians and professionals will install your home windows the right way to ensure that the efficiency and value of your home are retained and improved. Prompt, courteous, and timely, our veteran staff will help you measure and estimate your new or replacement windows for your home and provide a free quote. Our Insta Glass reputation for quality, design, and service backs every product we sell or work on.

With Insta Glass, you get a one-stop solution for all your home window needs. We provide service over a wide area, including Lansdale, Doylestown, Limerick, Telford, Souderton, and Quakertown. Contact our residential department at +1 206 773 6868 to make an appointment or reach us to get pricing and information about our products and services or to get a quote.

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